Petzoldt´s Klassik-Wash Auto Shampoo Concentrate

Petzoldt´s Klassik-Wash Auto Shampoo Concentrate
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Products description

Klassik-Wash is ideally suitable for the sustainable cleaning and care of paint which is protected with paint sealing (Klassik-Glass) or waxed with Klassik-Wax.

Sustainable means that this shampoo revitalizes the paint sealing with Klassik-Glass or the wax-treated paint. It intensifies the dripp off effect and restores the brilliance. It therefore extends the period between one and the next treatment with Klassik Glass / Wax. In addition, modern ingredients protect the car's paint from acid rain and other harmful environmental influences.

Klassik-Wash can be used for every cleaning of your car. An intensely poluted car should be washed weekly following the instructions on the back side of the bottle. Klassik-Wash therefore assures the optimal care for surfaces which are treated with Klassik-Glass/-Wax. Meaning surfaces which have been perfectly treated (cleaned regularly) don't have to be polished before the next layer of sealant or wax is applied.

Klassik-Wash makes tap water soft and neutralizes contaminants e.g. iron or minerals which are often part of tap water. It therefore effectively avoids water spots on the freshly washed paint. In addition of course it effortlessly removes any kind of typical contaminants e.g. dirt, spots, dead insects and tree resins.

How to use / dose Klassik-Wash:
Being a concentrate only one cap of the bottle (about 10 ml) on 10 litres of water are enough to clean a normaly dirty car.
Use max two caps (20 ml) on 10 litres of water for a really dirty car. Using more than 20 ml of this concentrate would be contraproductive since a greasy film might bild up on the paint afterwards.

Content: 473 ml.
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