Petzoldts Rim Cleaner - Low Impact

Petzoldts Rim Cleaner - Low Impact
Petzoldts Rim Cleaner - Low Impact
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Products description

500 ml low impact rim cleaner
Made by Petzoldt's.

Conventional rim cleaners are sometime so chemically effective that even very dirty rims do not require any treatment with a brush or a pressure washer. The paint surface of rims which are treated with such agressive products can get dull after some time. A less agressive, mild cleaner is therefor much better for sensitive surfaces.

This is a mild and therefor low-impact rim cleaner. It's chemistry is set-up to remove light or medium contaminations on painted steel or alloy wheels. It requires a bit of "manual labour" with a brush. But it therefor can remain on the rim for a longer period of time without that it would penetrate and harm the surface nor that traces of rust or oxidation would appear afterwards.

How to use this cleaner correctly:
1) remove lose dirt with some water and then apply a thin layer of the rim cleaner on the cool rim.
2) Work the cleaner into the surface with the help of a brush afterwards.
3) Then rinse the cleaner with a sufficient quantity of water and your rims will look like new.

By the way: you can add up to 50 % of demineralized water to the cleaner to clean very sensitive rims.
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