Petzoldt´s Klassik-Wax

Petzoldt´s Klassik-Wax
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Petzoldt's Klassik-Wax is a very economical wax.
A cristal-clear premium quality product based on thrice-cleaned grade-one carnauba wax.
Klassik-Wax is ideally suitable for all kinds of paint systems - dark and black paint tones will have the greatest profit of Klassik-Wax.

Thoroughly wash and dry the car before you wax the paint of your Fiat.
Touch the dried paint and check if you can feel deposits when moving your fingertips over the surface.
In this case use a cleaning clay bar in combination with a suitable lube.
Treat the paint with a paint cleaner before waxing it in case that there are also traces of weathering or scratches (e.g. the typical holograms many car washes cause) to remove any paint defects.
A thin layer of this high-tech wax can easily be applied with the help of the applicator sponge (use the grey side).
Use a clean and super fluffy microfibre cloth to buff the paint afterwards.

A second layer of this wax can be applied to use the full potential of Klassik Wax.
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