Important tips about

To make sure that the stickers/transfers stay on for years and not minutes you should follow the following steps
  • Before you decide to start work make sure it is over 10°C, otherwise the results will be fatal! If you decide still to goahead, then at your own peril!

  • The first step before you begin to applicate the sticker/transfer is to make sure that there is no dirt or water where the sticker/transfer is to be applied, after you have cleaned the area thoroughly, make sure that there is no silicon residue, grease-oil or polishing wax around the place where you are about to place the sticker/transfer. Old stickers must be completely removed (especially for the B-pillar stickers).

  • When applying the new sticker/transfer make sure that no air bubbles are formed under the sticker/transfer, to remove them just gently rub from the middle outwards.If however you are appling a rather large sticker/transfer it is advisable to use a solution of 4 - 5 drops of washing-up liquid (like Fairy or Pril) in a litre of water, this solution is then sprayed onto the surface (not dripping wet), the air bubbles are easier to remove and the solution dries in a couple of hours.

  • When applying the sticker/transfer from the series "Cut" make sure it is correctly positioned, the backing paper might not be cut correctly giving a false impression, check everything before application, please!

  • Sunshades should be before they are applied cut to the correct size with a scalpel or carpet knife, and use the Fairy trick here (above), it's rather advisable if I may say so!

This is how stickers/transfers from the "Cut" series are applied
  1. First of all clean the surface that is to be used stringently

  2. The backing paper is then to be removed carefully leaving the sticker/transfer on the transfer foil.

  3. Apply transfer foil with the sticker/transfer into place, what ever you do make sure you don't use the foil edges as reference, use the sticker/transfer as reference. Watch out for air bubbles and creases. There should be no need to tell you that quiet and patience is needed whilst applying stickers/transfers,if you make a mistake here it will be hard to correct if not impossible.

  4. Now rub, not too lightly but carefully, with a bit of cheese cloth

  5. Now for the moment of truth, carefully remove the transfer foil, making sure that the sticker/transfer stays on the surface and not in the transfer foil, finished!