Custom-Made Privacy Screens

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Delivery Time: 5-60 W/days (details on request)
Product No.: 52880
105,00 EUR
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Custom-Made Privacy Screens

Bespoke privacy screens for the rear side windows and tailgate
Suitable for all Abarth / Fiat 500
These screens are made of a cellular black fabric which is sourrounded in a solid frame
It not neccessary to drill holes
The side window screens are held in place by one single metal clip each (which is pushed under the the side panel cover) while the the rear window shade is kept in place with the help of four clips which have clamped behind the inner tailgate trim repsectively behind the upper rear window plastic frame.
The mounting (or dismouting) is done in a few minutes.

All advantages at a glance:
  • reduction of interior heat in summer
  • anti glare: the privacy screens help to prevent the sudden dazzle from headlights of following traffic at night and sunlight during the day
  • UV protection for the rear passengers
  • screens the interior from curious passersby
Incl. mounting instructions


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