Eibach ProKit Sports Spring Set 500e

Eibach ProKit Sports Spring Set 500e
179,00 EUR
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Product: 66342
Model: 500e

Products description

Suitable for all 500e (Type 332) and 500e Cabriolet / Convertible with 42 kWh battery
Lowering of about 20-25 mm
Colour: black metallic
The ProKit can be either used with sport shock absorbers or with the factory-mounted OEM shock absorbers.
Progressive and tauter spring characteristic the more the springs are compressed
High-quality protection against corrosion

A fine balance between comfort and and sportive handling.
Incl. TUEV-certificate
These springs are not suitable for the 95 bhp / 23,8 kWh version (due its less heavy 23,8 kWh battery).
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