Brembo Brake Disc Set 'Max' - Rear

Brembo Brake Disc Set Max - Rear
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28,00 EUR per piece
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Products description

The Brembo Brake System is a high quality product for use in either every day traffic conditions.
This disc is made to be used in conjunction with sport brake pads as forexample EBC Green- or Redstuff and Ferodo DS Performance or DS2500.

Important Product Information:
Anticorrosion: The black colour will fade after a while on the braking surface, but it will remain on the rest of the disc protecting it against rust.
The discs are delivered with an ABE (German TUEV certification).

Not even the best disc is invunerable.
To run the brakes in please read the enclosed papers before setting off on your first journey with your new discs. Never park your car after a hefty drive "down the road", they will distort, always do a "cooling run" so that the discs can cool sufficiently before packing up for the night.

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