EBC Greenstuff Sport Brake Pads - Front Axle

EBC Greenstuff Sport Brake Pads - Front Axle
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Product: 44054 / 44066
Model: Barchetta

Products description

Greenstuff - there have been many versions of this fabulous brake compound but the latest formulation is surely one of the finest performance brake compounds ever to be sold. It has the benefits of being a low dust material which can reduce brake dust by up to 80 %.EBC Greenstuff brake pads have a friction coefficient of 0.55, they withstand temperatures up to 650°C and are the ideal choice for performance use during high speed motorway driving or for heavy load situations such as towing. EBC Greenstuff brake pads are capable of stopping a motor vehicle up to 9 metres earlier than OEM brake pads. All Greenstuff brake pads have a special brake-in coating on the pads surface which helps the pads to bed-in quickly after installation.
If you ever need to make a panic stop from high speed, you will really appreciate the stopping power that Greenstuff delivers. Greenstuff received the Autotrade Innovation Award and the Maxpower Award for the best sport brake pad.

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Variant 1:
For ATE calipers

Variant 2:
For Lucas Girling calipers
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